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  • Dynamics Physical Therapy Athens made me feel very good without or little pain these days. All because of their magic touch and special exercises.Take care and say a big Hello to all wonderful Staff.

  • I want to thank Dynamics Physical Therapy Athens for its guidance and support after my surgery. Whatever the final outcome, it has given me the best care possible, & I am confident that I will regain most if not all of my shoulder strength. I hope that no other member of my family will need its services, but if something should occur, Dynamics PT would be the first facility I would seek out. The staffs are true professional and they will always be remembered and appreciated by me and my family.

  • I highly recommend Dynamics PT Athens for physical therapy. I made a quick recovery from a total knee replacement. I credit Dynamics PT and their technique which required no machines which meant it was easy to replicate the exercises at home between visits.

    The facility is very accessible. Just steps from the car and has a great atmosphere, attentive therapists overseeing each exercises and effective therapies.

  • My experience at Dynamics Physical Therapy Athens during my rehab after knee replacement surgery has been a delight.With its professional & individualized attention, and skilled care it helped my recovery. I am happy to recommend Dynamics PT to any one in need of physical therapy.

  • Dynamics Physical Therapy Athens have been supportive, full of humor and has deep understanding of how people work both mentally and physically.

  • Dynamics Physical Therapy Athens has listened and worked with me. Compared to my before physical therapy – my after is amazing. Now my physical future looks BRIGHT.

  • Dynamics Physical Therapy Athens is the most awesome team of professionals dedicated to guiding those of us needing rehab on our bodies. It hasn’t always been easy, or fun; but I have never left there thinking “we could have done more”. The facility and team rock!

    They push me, encourage me, praise me, and when I need it, give me tissues! They are helping me back to health and I love them for it and truly appreciate it.

  • Dynamics Physical Therapy Athens is one of the major reasons as to why I now have my life back & can do the normal everyday functions such as walking and climbing a set of stairs without knee pain & swelling.I had been dealing with knee pain due to an old basketball injury from the 7th grade. Dynamics PT wanted me to be able to start college and walk without pain and made this our goal. Through continuous research, it created ways to challenge me and keep me motivated with my physical therapy. It made me believe we could reach our goal and finally did! I will start college on Monday, pain free. I was more than just a patient, I was a person that feel cared about. I recommend Dynamics PT 100%!

  • Going to Dynamics Physical Therapy Athens felt like I received a thorough assessment and the medical professionals really listened to me. My case was personally handled from beginning to end – it wasn’t assessed by one person and handed off. I really liked that.

  • I came to hear about Dynamics PT Athens when a physical therapist who gave me care at home suggested that I see the facility if at all possible. I was so glad that I was able to do that through Dr. Register.  Dynamics PT has been an excellent guide in every respect – hands on, knowledgeable, creative, encouraging, never impatient (Important to people my age!), always kind.